LG Optimus Elite leaks, destined for Sprint and Virgin Mobile

Sprint has said that they will be launching at least 10 devices with Google Wallet this year, and we now have a leak of the phone that may be taking the low-end NFC market. Known as the LG Optimus Elite, it features low-end specs, but also contains that all important NFC chip.

The screen is a lowly 3.2-inches with an HVGA resolution, followed by an 800MHz processor and 5MP camera. Not the highest specs for sure, but it should attract some buyers on the low-end of the spectrum. The phone is destined for both Sprint and Virgin Mobile, so it’s an option for pre-paid buyers to get their Google Wallet fix. Who likes the Optimus Elite? Should carriers start offering more NFC-enabled phones? Let us know in the comments!

via PocketNow

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