LG Optimus M+ making its way to MetroPCS

MetroPCS is one of the smaller prepaid carriers in the country, but that never stopped them from releasing Android phones. We have now found out that they are adding another mid-range handset to their lineup, this time a refresh to the aging Optimus M+. The handset goes with the original Optimus M+, and as the name suggests, it is basically a revised, upgraded version of the original.

The star of the show is a 3.5-inch display, followed by an 800MHz processor, and finally a 5MP camera with flash. Gingerbread is the outdated Android version of choice, something that should keep most of Metro’s customers happy. It’s expected to launch soon, while price tag is currently unknown. Who’s interested in the Optimus M+? Is it worth the lower specs? Let us know in the comments!

via PocketNow

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