Motorola DROID Pro for Verizon in line for a software update

The Motorola DROID Pro has been out for some time now, but that doesn’t mean that software updates can’t still be administered to the handset. Courtesy of Droid-Life, we’ve now caught wind that the handset is in line to get a software update here shortly. The update is 4.7.3, and comes with plenty of new tweaks, security enhancements, and other fixes for the candy bar smartphone.

You’ll get a few bug fixes as well, which include better keyboard backlighting. But, if you’re a fan of Verizon software, then you’ll be happy to know that VZ Navigator and VCAST Apps will also be installed right after the phone launches with the new software.

It will measure in at 19.9MB when it’s all said and done. You should be notified of the available update soon, or you can always try to download it from the cloud yourself.

via Droid-Life

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