Motorola DROID RAZR aftermarket kit hits, transforms phone to RAZR MAXX

Remember when the DROID RAZR launched? Then the RAZR MAXX not too long after? We know, it was a slimy move on Motorola and Verizon’s part, but Cell Phone Repair Shop has come to the rescue. They have just begun selling a conversion kit, which allows owners of the RAZR to take apart their phone, add that coveted 3300mAh battery, and then continue to use the phone.

The process is not for the faint at heart, as it will require ripping your device apart. Motorola opted out from adding a removable back plate, remember? The base kit costs $110, but does not include all the necessary tools for taking the device apart. Cell Phone Repair does offer those tools, but for an extra price. Hit the Cell Phone Repair Shop source link to buy a kit now, and just remember that you’re doing everything at your own risk. Now that you know that, good luck!

via Cell Phone Repair Shop; Droid-Life

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