Motorola XYBOARD tablets now come in a spill-proof option

While Motorola already launched the XYBOARD tablets, that isn’t stopping them from adding a bit of a twist to a good thing. The company has revealed that they have launched a pair of two new models, with only one feature being new: spill-proof. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, if you buy one of the new tablets you’ll be able to spill a small amount of liquid on them. “Lucky for you, it’s spill proof,” as the advertisement goes.

The new spill-proof models come in the same sizes as the early models: 8.2-inches and 10.1-inches. The prices are the same, too. $399 for the smaller version, and $499 for the bigger model. And, if you’re really excited to get your hands on them, you’ll be happy to know that they are available right now, and they come with a free portfolio case, and an HD dock. That’s an almost $90 value, if you’re taking Motorola’s estimates.

So go ahead and head through the links below if you want to buy one.


via BriefMobile

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