Samsung Galaxy Nexus in white for Verizon battery door uncovered online

While there have been rumors of a white-tinted version of the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung appearing on Verizon’s shelves in the coming weeks, nothing has been made official quite yet. If a recent discovery on eBay is any indicator, then it looks like Verizon could be getting ready to announce something here shortly. Especially if prior rumors of a 16GB Galaxy Nexus launching in April pan out.

You are looking at what is reported to be the white battery cover for the Galaxy Nexus heading to Verizon. It is listed on eBay right now, so if you’re interested you can try to get it. Though, that would look kind of strange with the front of the device that darker shade. But, you may be into that kind of thing.

Still no official date for a white Galaxy Nexus on Big Red’s network, but here’s hoping it comes soon.

via Droid-Life

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