Samsung Galaxy Note reportedly sells five million units

Since the Galaxy Note by Samsung has made its debut, there has been one question on everyone’s mind: is 5.3-inches too big? The device is caught somewhere between the smartphone and tablet market, and while Samsung has been quick to use that as a marketing strategy, consumers may or may not be caught in that same unknown place. But Samsung has announced that it looks like we can put to rest the question of whether or not it’s too big, as the Galaxy Note has reportedly moved 5 million units since its debut.

In an official announcement, Samsung confirms that the Galaxy Note has successfully moved 5 million units around the world since its debut. To put that into perspective, that means they’ve moved about 1 million units each month. And with the handset making its way into new territories, that number could only grow.

Did you end up picking the Galaxy Note up for yourself, or do you know anyone who has one? What do you think of the “phablet?”

via SlashGear

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