Updated: Samsung Galaxy Note rumored to get Ice Cream Sandwich in the second quarter now

When the Galaxy Note was released, Samsung said that the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the device that’s somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet would be released at some point within the first quarter of this year. That was good news for anyone purchasing the device, as it meant that it wouldn’t be that long of a wait to get the latest version of Android on their huge device. But, according to a new report from Sammy Hub, that timeframe may not be the case anymore.

Citing a source speaking about Samsung Norway’s Facebook page, the report suggests that the update to Ice Cream Sandwich is now being scheduled for sometime during the second quarter of this year. This was apparently published to the company’s regional Facebook page as a status update, but when we checked there wasn’t any mention of a pushed back release date for the software update. There was also no screenshot taken of the status update, either.

We have reached out to Samsung, but as of the time of this writing we have not heard anything back. As soon as we do, we will pass it along. As it stands right now, though, let’s keep in mind that Samsung kept their word on the release for Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy S II, and hope that they can do the same for the larger device.

Update: The question regarding the Galaxy Note’s software update to Ice Cream Sandwich was poised by a fan of the page, which is why we missed it initially. We’ve grabbed a screenshot from Android Police, which you can see right below.

via Sammy Hub; Samsung Norway Facebook

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