Samsung Galaxy Note shows itself without TouchWiz, flaunts Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich

Yesterday, Samsung decided to use their USA-based Facebook page to showcase a brand new contest that they are taking the reigns on. It’s a ‘Spin & Win’ contest, and it promotes the chance to win a Galaxy Note as the grand prize. They are more than willing to show off the large device right there in the promotional material for the contest, along with its S Pen stylus floating right next to it. While a floating stylus is pretty intriguing, it’s the device that has sparked plenty of interest, especially the software.

If you’ll take note, you can see right off the bat that Samsung is promoting this particular Galaxy Note without any kind of obvious TouchWiz UI elements right up front. Instead, you can see the TouchWiz notification bar way up top, but that’s about it. There are also elements mixed together from Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: you get the ICS icons and launcher, but Gingerbread labels. It’s certainly an odd mix, and it’s a very strange move to see from the actual manufacturer of the device, and not some made-up fake render floating around the Internet hinting at an upcoming release.

Of course, companies use Photoshop too, and this wouldn’t be the first time we caught a major manufacturer making a mistake on one of their own devices. But, sure, it could mean that a vanilla version of Ice Cream Sandwich could make its way to the Galaxy Note here in the States after it gets updated. Anything is possible, right?

Doesn’t mean it’s likely, though.

via Samsung USA Facebook

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