Samsung Galaxy S III render looks official, probably isn’t

At this point, Samsung could start teasing people and the result would probably be pretty entertaining. Instead, the manufacturer is keeping their lips shut, and letting the Internet take care of itself. We’ve seen renders of the Galaxy S III in the past, and plenty of them have looked almost real. Others, not so much. And while we don’t necessarily think this one is real, either, it definitely looks the best as a fake render compared to the others.

Still, there are interesting things to point out. As suggested by Android and Me, you can see the “Weber Shandwick” logo on the bottom-right of the image above. Weber Shandwick is a PR company that has worked with Samsung in the past, so it is perfectly possible that they are working with Samsung yet again in the upcoming release of the Galaxy S III, and a promotional image of the device leaked online.

Something else worth noting: the calendar widget right there on the display suggests that Samsung is planning an event for May 22nd. At this point we have no idea when Samsung is planning on having an event, or if a May 22nd event is being planned. Is it as valid a date as any other rumored date? Sure, why not. It’s all just another rumor coupled with another render of an unannounced device.

What do you think of this new render? Would you buy a device that looked like that?

via PhoneDog; Android and Me

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