Samsung Galaxy S III reportedly set to feature wireless charging out of the box

As the rumors begin to stack up for Samsung’s still-unannounced successor to the Galaxy S II, we inexorably inch closer to an official launch date that may or may not confirm any and all rumors that have been building up over the last several months. While Samsung has still not announced an announcement date, or anything regarding official specifications for the device, unnamed sources are more than willing to spill the beans on Samsung’s next flagship device. This time around, it’s regarding the way we may be charging the new handset.

While wireless charging isn’t new by any means, it has yet to be adopted by one of the leading Android manufacturers as a significant and worthwhile method to charge our devices. With that being said, it looks like Samsung is looking to change that. In a new report from DDaily, a Korean news publication sourcing anonymous sources, Samsung is looking to utilize wireless charging right out of the box using proprietary technology. What’s more, users won’t actually have to set their phone on the wireless charging source, but will be able to keep the device a meter or two away and still have it charge.

There’s no reason to think that this is an impossibility. As we mentioned above, wireless charging has been around for several years now. And with rumors that the Galaxy S III, or whatever Samsung decides to call it, will be one of the thinnest phones out there, going with a wireless charging option makes perfect sense. Unfortunately the initial report doesn’t mention anything about whether or not Samsung will be dropping a traditional cabled method of charging their new flagship device, but we wouldn’t think getting rid of the cable altogether would be a smart option quite yet.

via The Verge; DDaily (translated)

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