Samsung Galaxy S III test photo reportedly found online

Samsung hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but we know that there’s a successor to the Galaxy S II coming at some point this year. But while we’re all busy waiting for Samsung to announce something, it looks like tidbits of information regarding the new device may (or may not) be making their way online. We’ve heard rumors that the handset is already in production, but those are unsubstantiated. This time around, we’ve got a picture that made its way over to Picasa with some intriguing EXIF data, which is hard to ignore.

The picture you’re looking at above was reportedly taken with a Samsung GT-I9300. That model number should stand out to you, because it’s the one that is reportedly set for the Galaxy S III. As far as details go, the camera itself is apparently an 8.1MP variation, but no other information could be gleaned from the data.

This is is no way a confirmation that the Galaxy S III is wandering around out there, and that people are taking pictures with it. And, according to a recent update on the original article, it looks like the image was taken with HDR and the cameraman had some shaky hands. Hopefully that’s why the image is slightly blurred and lackluster.

via Phandroid

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