Samsung Galaxy S III will reportedly feature quad-core Exynos processor and LTE

We may be getting closer to the official announcement regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship device. Or, more specifically, the successor to the company’s Galaxy S II handset. That assumption is made by the fact that rumors and speculation regarding the still unannounced handset are starting to pick up, which usually happens around the time the handset is getting ready for its official debut. This time around, we’ve got some news that may or may not excite plenty of folks out there eager to get their hands on the new device.

According to a new report from The Korea Times, an anonymous Samsung executive has “confirmed” that the new handset will indeed feature Samsung’s Exynos processor, and it will be quad-core. More exciting, though, is the “confirmation” that the processor is also incorporated with LTE-connectivity. We had no doubts that Samsung would be aiming to get 4G LTE on their new device, so the fact that Samsung has managed to make the Exynos processor work with that technology is at least one step closer to a believable story.

But, as we mentioned above, Samsung hasn’t announced anything, and as you might expect the manufacturer refused to comment on the new article. So, as it stands, we’re still waiting. But at least we have plant of new speculation to keep our days filled until Samsung finally decides to announce something.

via Phonedog; The Next Web; Korea Times

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