Samsung Galaxy S Value Pack now available in South Korea

Remember when Samsung stated they wouldn’t be updating the original Galaxy S to Ice Cream Sandwich? At the time, they said they would instead offer a “value pack” for the handset, bringing some of the features in Ice Cream Sandwich. That value pack has now become available in South Korea, and runs on Android Gingerbread.

The update includes features like Face Unlock, the ability to adjust font in some applications, a new launcher with special improvements, and the ability to capture photos while taking a video. Sure, it may not be the full Ice Cream Sandwich update, but at least Samsung is giving owners something to keep them satisfied until their next upgrade.

The Galaxy S is not alone on this, as both the Galaxy K and Galaxy U wil also be receiving the update. Who’s rocking the original Galaxy S? Are you excited for the Value Pack? Let us know in the comments!

via SlashGear

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