Second-gen Aakash tablet arriving in India next month, only $40

The Indian government has figured that tablets are probably the best way to get its country onto the internet, and originally launched the Aakash tablet. It retailed for only $35, and sold out almost instantly. To reach such a low price, the tablet was slow, and unsurprisingly cheaply made. Now the Aakash is returning, this time with a slightly higher price tag and much better specs.

This tablet will feature Android once again, as well as a 7-inch screen, 700MHz processor, and up to 3 hours of battery life. Now we’re sure that those of you viewing this on your fancy dual-core (or even quad-core) tablets are laughing, but you must remember that this tablet only costs $40. A fraction of what most modern Android tablets are going for, And we thought the Kindle Fire was cheap. It is set to launch next month, and will no doubt be another hit. Who thinks the Aakash is a good idea? Are their any better methods to make use of such little money? Let us know in the comments!

via Lilputing

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