Sprint and HTC need to bring the EVO brand back to the top

June of 2010. That was a good month for both HTC and Sprint, as it was when the original EVO 4G was launched. At the time, it was a superphone, bringing specs to the tablet that no other phone could beat. 4.3-inch display, cutting edge processor, and the first phone to have 4G made it a drool-worthy device.

The EVO was the phone to have, and remained that way for a long time. I still see people with the EVO, and many swear by it. The launch of the original EVO was also very important for Sprint, as the phone marked the launch of a new product line. Since then, the EVO series has not launched a phone that has gotten close to the popularity of the original EVO.

One could argue that the EVO 3D was a decent handset, but many reported it was a victim to lag, despite the dual-core processor, and the 3D was nothing more than a gimmick. There is also the EVO View 4G and EVO Design 4G, but both are more of mid-range handsets.

The EVO 4G was once of the example of what an Android handset should be, but it has now almost been forgotten.

Earlier today we heard about what might be the next phone in the line of the EVO handsets, known as the EVO ONE. It is said to have specs very similar to the One series, but will feature that all important EVO branding. With the right marketing campaign, I believe that Sprint can bring the EVO brand back to its former glory. But it’s going to take a lot of work, and from where Sprint is standing, they really need this.

It’s no secret that Sprint is starting to fail as corporation, as many customers are less than satisfied with the speeds they are currently receiving on the carrier’s 3G network. 4G is a different story, but the WiMax network operation on the 2500MHz spectrum is known to be less than reliable. Some are even becoming skeptical about the corporation’s CEO, Dan Hesse, and whether or not he is making the right decisions for the carrier.

Sprint is about to make the switch from WiMax to LTE, a move that is probably wise, considering every other carrier is going the LTE route. The network is expected to go live in the next few months, and it would make sense for Sprint to have the EVO ONE as one of the launch devices. An EVO launched the WiMax network, and that same brand should launch the LTE network. Personally, I believe it may be one of Sprint’s last chances to turn themselves around. Backed by a huge marketing campaign, the EVO ONE, and Sprint’s LTE network in general, could turn into a success very quickly. Success Sprint needs.

Do you think the EVO ONE could turn Sprint around? What will it take to revive the Now Network? Let us know in the comments, or let me know personally @jlehto43 on Twitter!

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