Study suggests ads in apps may greatly affect battery life

Ads have become a part of daily life within apps. It’s a solution for developers, as they can still make money while offering apps for free. We support ads, as even if they can get annoying, it still brings us a free app. If we like the app enough and the developer offers a premium version with no ads, we’ll then jump on it. As it turns out, those ads may be the very thing killing your phones battery life.

A new study from Purdue University and Microsoft bring word that ads may cause up to 70% of the battery drain an app may cause. Yeah, it’s that bad. The root cause seems to be that the ad collects information like location and user metrics, then has to download itself. This causes a battery drain, but there is a solution. The study also found that browsers collect much of the same information, but only consume 15% of the battery usage. To fix this, developers need to code ads into their apps better.

This may mean that purchasing a “premium” version of an app may be smarter, as it should, in theory, lead to better battery life on apps used constantly. Who do you think? Is it worth paying more for an app if it leads to better battery life? Let us know in the comments!

via Phandroid; New Scientist

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