Successor to the Galaxy S II is launching in the first half of 2012

You know the drill. Rumors and speculation are part of the industry, and when a reputable site gets word that a device, especially a ridiculously anticipated device, is on the way, people start talking. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t see the point. In any event, that initial report last week which stated that the Galaxy S III, or S3, would be announced this month and launched in April has apparently been debunked. And by Samsung, no less.

According to the company itself, the “successor to the Galaxy S II” won’t be landing in stores in April. But, it is still scheduled for the first half of 2012, so that’s something. It’s no surprise that Samsung is keeping this position with this unannounced device, considering the rumors that the handset has been delayed at one point or another since late last year. Making sure that they don’t pinpoint a date they aren’t ready for means they can’t get any upset customers banging on their door.

But, at least it’s still coming, right?

via PhoneDog

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