Toshiba LT170 features budget specs, bumps the price to something else

The word budget probably gets tossed around a bit too much, and Toshiba is only adding to the situation. They’ve unveiled their new LT170 tablet, which they are marketing as a new “budget”-friendly tablet, but while the specifications are obviously meant to set the tablet in that particular category, they’ve apparently missed the memo on pricing.

The LT170 by Toshiba features a 7-inch display, a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. There is also 8GB of internal storage, which hopefully you won’t fill up too quickly. And, finally, it’s priced at €299, which is equal to about $400. In no way is that a budget tablet, and certainly not worth paying what you get in the package. Obviously Toshiba needs to reevaluate their process.

via Engadget

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