Toshiba outs 13.3-inch tablet, Tegra 3 on board

Toshiba is looking to enter a new area of the tablet market, previously unknown until now. They just showed off a new 13.3-inch concept tablet at a conference earlier today. While the device does not power on, it is still said to be an Android tablet. Also on board is a Tegra 3 processor, giving the tablet 4 cores of processing goodness. Also shown was 7.7-inch tablet, also featuring a Tegra 3. Not much more is known besides that.

Toshiba seems to still be deciding whether or not they want to put the tablet in production and sell it. It would definitely be a niche market at first, but it could turn into a huge success. We believe that 13.3-inches is just too big for a tablet, but others may think otherwise. Toshiba hasn’t revealed much more, and we may not see the tablet released before the end of the world. We still hope Toshiba gives it a shot, and the chances look good. Would you buy a 13.3-inch tablet? Is that large of a display just too much? Let us know in the comments!

via Pocket-lint

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