What I would consider my perfect Android phone

The Android world is filled with many, many choices. While choices are great, it can pose a problem for some. There’s no perfect device for many people. I’m among those people, and while my Galaxy Nexus may offer the closest thing to it, the device still isn’t perfect (at least for me). Sure, I do have a few friends who are perfectly happy with their device and have even named it perfect for them, it doesn’t make it perfect for everyone else. If I were to have a perfect Android device, much of the rest of this article will include what I’m looking for.

My manufacturer of choice would have to be Nokia. Despite being one of Microsoft’s leaders, they still make an incredibly sexy phone. My dream phone would feature a physical build very similar to Nokia’s latest Windows Phones, just like the Lumia 900 in white. In fact, remove all branding except for Nokia’s and that’s perfect.

A phone is nothing without its screen. A great screen can make the experience just that much better, while a bad screen can make it a chore to even check Twitter. For example, the Motorola Atrix featured some great specs for its time, but was completely hindered by a horrible display. My display of choice would have to come from Samsung, specifically a Super AMOLED Plus display. And not just any display, but one with a full 720p HD resolution. Screen size has been a tough choice for me, as I prefer smaller displays, but as of late I have fallen in love with the 4.65-inch display on the Galaxy Nexus. I’d have to go with a 4.8-inch display, and the Lumia build can slim down the bezel to make room.

For software, I’m going to have to go with the Chinese MIUI. The latest version based on Android 4.0 has been a joy, and I’ve always been a fan of the ROM. It’s quick and offers unmatched customization, even if there isn’t an app drawer. My perfect camera is a little interesting, as that new 41MP camera in Nokia’s N808 is mighty enticing. I know, megapixel count means nothing, but Nokia has historically offered phenomenal cameras. Plus, a 41MP sensor in a phone is just about the biggest tech bragging rights you can get.

I will settle for nothing less than Samsung’s latest Exynos processor and 1.5GB of RAM to keep my phone running smoothly. I know, this may be a little bit of overkill for even an Android phone, but Samsung’s Exynos line has offered nothing but buttery smooth performance in my experience. AT&T shall be my carrier of choice, as their coverage is unmatched in my area. While not my biggest desire, a LTE radio would be good for larger downloads.

There is one last thing that would make this my perfect device: a Wacom-powered stylus much like the one in the Galaxy Note. I have long time been a fan of the stylus, and I’m more than happy to see that it’s making a comeback. Round everything off with a 2000mAh battery that can get me through the day and then some, and you have one happy Android blogger. How would you make your perfect Android phone?

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