Would a 13-inch Android tablet succeed in today’s market?

Earlier this evening we reported that Toshiba was showing off a new concept device, featuring a large 13.3-inch display. Android was said to be the operating system on board, with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor running the show. Granted, this tablet may never see the light of day, and it’s only a concept device. Something leads me believe that we may see more of it, however.

The fact that it runs Android and features a Tegra 3 processor is nothing new. Heck, we’ve seen tablets with those specs out on the market for awhile now. That 13.3-inch display is what makes it interesting. All of the tablets we’ve seen as of late max out at about 10.1-inches, and that extra 3 inches in Toshiba’s model would really make a difference. So I pose the question: can an Android tablet with a 13.3-inch display find a place in the already crowded tablet market?

A 13-inch display in a tablet is really starting to push the boundaries, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Look at the phone market, for example. Samsung released the Galaxy Note, featuring a 5.3-inch display. After having some hands-on time with the device, I have decided that it is HUGE. Yet, I feel oddly compelled to buy one. Plus, its sold over 2 million units. Bottom line is, Toshiba could have a real shot at success here.

Back to the Galaxy Note, while it was a joy to use, the phablet was unconventional. It was awkward in the hands and it was a tough fit in a pocket that also holds a wallet. They may not directly compare, it’s still a similar situation. A 13-inch tablet would offer much more screen real estate than current tablets, with better productivity and media consumption. On the downside, it’s also much larger and harder to transport. In most cases it would probably be better to recommend a 13-inch Ultrabook.

Price is also a major concern. Considering that the Transformer Prime, which costs $499, has a 10.1-inch display, and offers that same Tegra 3 processor, just imagine how much a 13-inch tablet would cost. That 3 inches could pay its toll, and considering that 10.1-inch tablets aren’t selling too well in the first place, why would one with an even larger display and bigger price tag?

Personally, I wouldn’t buy a 13-inch tablet. That size is just impractical for my lifestyle, as I like to take my tablet out of the house. For someone who uses their tablet mainly for media consumption and web browsing in their own home, it could prove to be quite useful. That extra real estate could allow better viewing of movies, as well as a better browsing experience. Would you buy a 13-inch tablet? What size fits your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!

via Pocket-lint

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