Would you sacrifice battery life for a free app?

One of the biggest problems Android has faced is issues with battery life. No matter how much people hate to admit, it’s a known fact that most Android phones can’t make it through the day. Now this doesn’t apply to all handsets (although it does to just about any HTC handset running Sense), but we’re sure most owners would like to get the most out of their device in a single charge.

I’m the proud owner of a Galaxy Nexus, and from my usage, it has better than any other Android handset I’ve ever owned. But, just like every Android handset I’ve owned, battery life has just started dropping out of no where. I previously hit the low battery warning at about 11PM, but I have now been getting that warning at around 5PM. The cause? Who knows, but I may have an idea to what is contributing to the random drain.

Today we reported on a new study that suggested free apps containing ads can actually drastically drain battery life. The app I use most is Plume, a popular Twitter client. I use the free version, and ads are in it. What’s supporting the developers of Plume may be killing the battery on my phone. Now, I wouldn’t go as far to say that my recent drop in battery is due to Plume, as I’ve used Plume the entire time I’ve owned the Nexus and have never updated it. Still, just knowing that I could have better battery life is slowly killing me.

My solution: buy the “premium” version of the app. Its main feature is no ads, something that should, in theory, save battery life. I won’t know for a couple of days, but it should help things out in the app I use most.

All of this brought a thought to my head: is it really worth sacrificing battery life for free apps? One of the virtues of Android is the wide variety of free apps, something other platforms can’t compete with. All those free apps are supported by ads, but it seems that those ads may be killing our devices.

Personally, this is something I can’t live with. I’m a freak about battery life. I want whatever gets me through the day longest. And anything that affects it will instantly be gone. If that means paying more for apps, I will do it.

I may seem insane for this, but that’s how much battery life means to me. What do you think? Is it worth losing battery life for a free app? Let us know in the comments!

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