Zynga now owns creators of Draw Something, OMGPOP goes for $200 million

We here at DroidDog have spent A LOT of time on our phones playing Draw Something as of late, the addictive new game that is sweeping the nation. As anyone who plays games on their phones should be aware of, Zynga is currently one of the dominant leaders on the market. Considering how well Draw Something is doing already, they obviously looked into the app.

In just this last week alone, it has brought in over 1 billion drawings. Yeah, it’s that popular. As it turns out, OMGPOP also has many other games in their arsenal, and Zynga took notice. Instead of competing, they have now decided to by OMGPOP for $200 million. They company will remain independent, but will now report to Zynga. What do you think is next for OMGPOP? Was it a smart purchase by Zynga? Let us know in the comments!

via PCMag

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