8 Things You Can Do With A Free $50 From Sprint

Sprint’s doing a mighty fine thing with the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, and will be including a free $50 of Google Wallet cash with the phone. $50 isn’t chump change, and there are many uses for it. Everything from dinner to those new Nikes you’ve been looking at can be found under the support of Google Wallet. That’s why we’ve devised a list of 10 great uses of that 50 bucks.

  • Remodel your home: Home Depot proudly accepts Google Wallet, so Sprint can cover part of your next home remodeling project.
  • Buy a new baseball glove: It’s that season of the year again, and more than one sports store chain will allow Google’s payment system.
  • Buy a new pair of shoes: Foot Locker accepts Google Wallet, and $50 should cover for an extra pair of running shoes.
  • Buy vitamins: CVS is a one stop shop for all your drug and candy needs, pay for your meds through the power of Google!
  • Take out that hot date: Subway will be hitting the Google Wallet list soon, take out that hot date for a sub!*
  • Get a new pair of jeans: There’s more than one clothing store that accepts Google’s NFC way of pay.
  • Grab a couple cases for your new Nexus: Radioshack is on the list. What are you waiting for?
  • Get your niece a present: Toys R Us is willing to let you use your phone to pay. Why not grab your niece that new Barbie she wants?
  • Destroy your health: McDonalds accepts Google Wallet, I’ve tried it myself. Need I say more?

Did I miss anything? What are you going to do with your $50?

*DroidDog does not guarantee that you will get a second date after taking your opposite to Subway.

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