Amazon Listing AT&T HTC One X For $149.99 On Contract, $549.99 Full Retail

The HTC One X isn’t scheduled to go on sale at AT&T stores until May 6th for $199.99, but anyone looking to save some money can pre-order straight from Amazon for $50 less. Amazon currently lists the One X as back-ordered, but that’s ok considering it won’t ship for another two weeks anyway and Amazon is bound to have plenty of stock for a high-profile launch.

Amazon’s $149.99 price tag is good with a two-agreement for new customers, upgrades and add-a-lines. Those customers wishing to pick up the phone sans contract will able to do so for the surprisingly good price of $549.99.

The real question is — do you pick up HTC’s newest flagship device or wait and see what Samsung has in store for the Galaxy S III? With the Samsung announcement three days before AT&T’s planned release of the One X, could it slow first weekend sales of the HTC One X?

Androidandme via Amazon

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