ASUS offers up free GPS dongle for Transformer Prime owners

Since the launch of the Transformer Prime, ASUS’s quad-core powered Android tablet, has seen all sorts of problems, whether it be due to software or hardware. But, while there have been issues, that hasn’t stopped it from finding its way into plenty of people’s homes. But, when software doesn’t fix the problem, you’ve got to turn to a few different other means to make the magic happen. And that’s exactly what ASUS looks to be doing.

New owners of the tablet who register their device with ASUS are informed of a new application, a GPS Extension Kit. This is a free dongle that “may help improve signal reception and optimize the user experience.” ASUS is playing it safe with this one, not saying that the dongle will help, absolutely, but that there’s a chance that it could. Better safe than sorry. This free dongle is set to start shipping about mid-April, and ASUS has said that it will be available for all Transformer Prime owners.

via Land of Droid; Engadget

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