Asus Transformer Prime Dongle Now Available For Order

Right on schedule Asus has announced the availability of a free GPS dongle that will drastically improve the accuracy and speed of lock-ons for Transformer Prime owners. Prime owners will have to register on Asus’ website and have the dongle shipped, however, it’s well worth registering for a free fix.

The unfortunate news is the proprietary dock connector plugs into the top of the tablet, meaning you can’t use it in conjunction with the keyboard accessory. Asus doesn’t provide a shipping date, however the offer ends July 31st which means you’ll likely receive long before the offer ends. Unless you are eager to grab the new Transformer Prime TF700T or Transformer Pad 300, there is no reason not to pick this up. Hit the Asus link below for all the instructions.

Asus via The Verge

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