Blackberry Messenger Software Spotted On Android Again?

If you’re an Android user but you’ve long wanted to see features of your Blackberry handset make their way over to the Android platform. According to TechnoBuffalo, RIM’s uber-popular BBM service is once again spotted in the wild running on an Android handset. Are the images legit? TechnoBuffalo says so though their source isn’t aware of how far along the project truly is. The source did say that BBM for Android is on schedule to launch this year, though they weren’t as clear on an iOS date.

The images themselves show a new BBM for Android version 0.8.87 running SitSLIP debugger 1.3.45 on a device with a 320×240 resolution. The hardware does seem to be a little older considering the Android status bar which is clearly a little dated.

So what do you think? Do you want BBM on Android?

9to5Google via TechnoBuffalo

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