Business Insider Says Android Is Dying…Again, For The Second Time

Oh Business Insider, you so silly. The reasoning for this crazy headline? A quote from Raymond James analyst Travis McCourt via Forbes:

So, here’s a thought. Could it be the case that Google’s share of the smartphone market has peaked? That the phone-buying public simply is more inclined to choose Apple’s vertically integrated approach over the cacophony of the Android market? Could it, in fact, be the case that, while Google and Microsoft can innovate and find niche markets for their mobile OS offerings, that Apple has basically won the game, at least for the U.S. market? There’s no question that Android-based devices are crushing the likes of Nokia and Research in Motion at the low-end of the market, rapidly killing off the feature phone market. But at the top of the heap, Apple is crushing it. And iPhone 5 is just months away.

Android fans can and will be quick to point out that sales don’t just happen inside the US, that global market-share tells the whole story. Business Insider still disagrees and says the red flags are up for Android. In fact, they say the end is night:

This very well could be the beginning of the end for Google’s mobile operating system.

Their reasoning on this point? That people prefer the iPhone over Android, that given a choice a consumer will choose an iOS device over any Android.

I think the comment section will show the fail in that statement. Feel free to sound off on this one.

Business Insider

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