Carphone Warehouse Outs “Samsung Galaxy S3″ Name

Still unsure about that Galaxy S3/Galaxy S III name? Well, we may have to get used to it as more evidence mounts indicating Samsung is doing a little switch-up on their naming system and moving away from roman numerals. Carphone Warehouse lists the ‘Samsung Galaxy S3′ alongside a tiny preview image that’s so tiny and generic it’s difficult to tell if it’s an official image or just a placeholder. We should say that it seems to have all the right buttons in place for a Samsung device, such as the power button on the right and the volume rocker on the left. Still, that’s hardly enough support to call this the “real thing.”

So let’s recap this, Amazon calls the device the Galaxy S3, Samsung calls it the GalaxyS3 on their official “Mobile Unpacked 2012″ Google Play app and now Carphone Warehouse. I can’t say I am against Samsung’s move away from Roman Numerals if this pans out, at some point the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III writing begins to blur together leaving us wondering which one we’re speaking of.

No matter how the naming works out, we’re less than 10 days away from finding out everything we want to know.

Android Central

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