Chances Are THIS Is The Galaxy S III? I’d Say Doubtful

I think i’ve already lost count for how many poorly faked Galaxy S III “supposed” images we’ve seen in the past few months, but add in another one. The image was obtained by the folks at OPDA and is said to belong to an individual currently testing the device. Unfortunately, but not surprising, those were all the details that were provided to the site. While we see a classic Samsung design, there is enough jumping out at us right away to call this one as fakery.

The overlapped Samsung branding at the top of the screen combined with the non-parallel display to the rest of the phone and finally, the broken blue line above the top row of icons. These are typical design problems we typically don’t see, even in a beta product.

Are we absolutely positive this isn’t real? Of course not, but you’d have a hard time convincing anyone this is the real-deal. Though, we’re not completely against the look, I just don’t think this is what we’ll end up with on store shelves.


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