Facebook Buys Instagram And The Internet Revolts, Will You Keep Your Account?

By now you’ve likely heard the news heard round the Monday afternoon internet world as Facebook purchased Instagram for close to $1 billion dollars. This development comes just a week after Instagram is finally released for Android, having spent a lengthy time staring at the iPhone user base who had sole access to the platform. Needless to say, the internet is aflutter with comments, some of them glowing and happy for Instagram, others looking to bail on Instagram as fast as they can drop their accounts.

Whether or not it’s overreacting to the Facebook purchase or a justified response to concern over Facebook privacy policies, there is no shortage of feedback. The good folks at BuzzFeed have already compiled a list of some of the “overreactions” to people removing their Instagram accounts almost as soon as the news hit.

So what do you think of the Facebook purchase of Instagram? Do you care? Will you cut your account or will life go on and you’re just happy to finally use Instagram? What say you?

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