Galaxy S III? Yes Please

That time of the year is rolling around yet again. No, it’s not a new Apple product launch, or even a new version of Android. It’s Samsung’s update to the Galaxy S line, and this is the third go. As with any popular upcoming product, we see plenty of rumors, supposed leaks, and all sorts of other junk that just gets everybody hyped up. And then the invite hits.

All the Android blogs literally explode the minute Samsung begins sending out invites for its announcement event, and this time it’s no different. The event is being held early next month, the 3rd of May. And we know we’ll be seeing the next Galaxy device. It says so right on the invite.

The hype just continues to build, with more predictions, rumors, and now some legitimate-looking leaks. Earlier today Gizmodo Brazil released a photo of what they claim is the GT-i9300, also known as the Galaxy S III. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of mockups and supposed “leaks”, but this one is different. This leak looks like it could actually turn out to be the device revealed on the 3rd, and for the first time since November, I’m excited for an Android phone.

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus got me very excited back in November. I had been lusting for the Galaxy S II for a few months, but never pulled the trigger on one. I wanted a Nexus. And I eventually got just that. As it turns out, I eventually sold it, as I found it still wasn’t the right device for me. I’ve been looking into the Note ever since, a device I initially brushed off when it was announced at IFA last year.

Now I find myself staring at the leaked photos of the Galaxy S III, and I really, really want one.

My favorite feature is the way the screen integrates into the device. There’s little bezel, meaning there’s going to be more screen and less size. I love a big display, but I also like having a smaller device. I loved the way the Galaxy Nexus fit in my hand, but I could always go for a little bigger screen. If this device manages a size that’s equivalent or less to the Galaxy Nexus, then I’ll be one happy camper.

Samsung has one thing they will need to work out on major thing before they have my purchase, however, and that’s a brisk US launch. Galaxy S phones have historically taken months to hit the US. That’s not cool in my book, and I want my device when it’s actually new. As anyone in the Android world knows, device only stay modern for so long, and Galaxy S II was pushing it when it hit the US. It can’t be that tough. HTC just pulled it off. The One X launched internationally last month, and it will be hitting the US this month. A one month delay is something I can most definitely handle.

Can Samsung pull it off? Considering I currently have an upgrade waiting for me on my AT&T account, they better. I’ve long been a Samsung fan, since the first Galaxy S to be exact. Their screens are top notch, and I’m a fan of TouchWiz. Pair it with a quad-core Exynos and Ice Cream Sandwich, and you’ve got one happy blogger. Next month will be big for Samsung, and this may be their last chance to prove to me that I don’t need to import a phone just to get the latest and greatest.

That’s my two cents on the Galaxy S III, but stayed tuned for more Galaxy S III content. Next week we’ll be revealing something very special in preparation for the device.

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