Google CEO Larry Page Expresses Interest In Low Cost Android Tablets On Earnings Call

Google CEO Larry Page has lent some credence to the idea that a low-cost, Google-branded Android tablet is on the horizon, if we read a little into his comments on yesterdays Google earnings call. During the call Page was asked a number of questions on Android and tablets and one answer in particular stood out as a bit of fore shading for what we might see in the future:

There has been a lot of success on some lower priced tablets that run Android. Maybe not the full Google version of Android, but we definitely have a belief that there is going to be a lot of success at the lower end of the market as well, with lower priced products that will be very significant. And it’s definitely an area we think is important and are quite focused on.

According to the land of rumor-ville, Google and Acer have been working on a low-price, 7″ Android tablet based on the Memo 370t Asus showed off in January, priced around $200. Google is expected to launch the tablet sometime in July, if those rumors are correct. Clearly this is just a lot of rumor talk floating around but Page’s comments certainly show a focus on the low-cost Android tablet platform. We’re eager to see what Google unveils in the coming months, that’s for certain.


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