Google CEO Larry Page Says Android Isn’t Critical To Google

Woah, Larry, whatcha you talking about Willis? During todays Oracle cross-examination of Google CEO Larry Page in the copyright phase of the trial between the two companies, Page was very open about Android’s role inside Google. When asked if he thought Android was a critical asset to Google around 2010:

“I believe Android was very important for Google. I wouldn’t say it was critical.”

Upon further questioning, Page was asked if he thought Google’s board of directors would feel differently and Page responded by saying he wouldn’t be surprised if that was case. Page attempted to clarify his point by indicating that Android is a delivery system for getting Google services into the hands of mobile users.

“We’d been frustrated getting our technology out to people,” said Page.

Here’s how I see it, the less importance Google places on Android, the less manufacturers, developers and customers will be concerned about Android’s growth. Page will likely take some heat for his comments, but he may be right, Android on its own, as an OS isn’t nearly as important as the means with which Android allows Google services into the hands of users.

The Verge

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