Google Drive Confirmed By Google Support Docs, Up To 100GB Of Storage?

Google Drive is hardly a secret, it’s appeared enough, been hinted at enough and even leaked “accidentally” during a Google+ hangout last week. The exact details behind Google Drive are still unknown but information coming out of Reuters this morning hopes to paint a clearer picture.

Reuters expects a Google announcement as early as today along with offers for both free and premium for-pay versions. Google Drive will join “search capabilities and allow users to store pictures, notes and other documents on the internet and access them from any Web-connected service.”

Consumers are expected to receive 5GB of free storage, while various versions with incrementally more storage capacity will be offered for small monthly fees. Reuters expects the largest such upgrade to max out at around 100GB.

Lending a little more credit to today’s rumors are Google Doc’s own support pages which now include some helpful tips on transferring ownership of Google Docs to a new user, including advice on sending those to his or her “Google Drive on the web.”

With Google already entrenched in the marketplace and with existing products such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google+, Google Images and more — Google is set to make a big splash in the Cloud space.

The real question for all of us is — what will it take from Google to get you to drop Dropbox,, Evernote or the rest of the uber-popular cloud based storages currently dominating the market?

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