Google Drive Spotted During Google+ Hangout With Android Developers

With rumors ramping up to next weeks supposed launch for Google’s long awaited “Drive” service, there’s been little evidence straight from the hands of someone working for Google. That is…until today. Every Friday the Android Developer Relations team holds a Google+ hangout and during one app review, Reto Meier demonstrated some of this particular apps sharing capabilities. You can guess what “new” app shows up in the list of apps Meier can share with? The Google Drive Android app.

The video is embedded blow and you’ll want to skip to 32:30 to catch a glimpse of the Google Drive app on Meier’s handset. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what Google does with Drive, I’ve already got my entire internet life associated with Google, why not start dropping all my files in as well? Dropbox should be keeping one eye on Google’s expected announcement this week.


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