Google Eye domain name suggests name change for Project Glass in the future

Right now, Project Glass is a great idea, and nothing more. Sure, Google has some amazing ideas (eye-deas?), but right now there’s nothing tangible that the general consumer can go look at and touch, or even hope to use. Testing is reportedly happening in the real world, and Google apparently wants to have their augmented reality project on sale later this year in some capacity or another, but right now it’s just a dream.

A domain has been discovered to be owned by Google, through a registration from MarkMonitor, that suggests Project Glass could get a different name when it finally lands in the real world. Of course, the name change should be a safe bet, considering “Project Glass” doesn’t sound all that much like a finished product. In any event, the domain name is, as you can see from the image above. There aren’t any additional details to go on here, but it would be safe to imagine that Google could go with something like ‘Eye’ to promote an augmented reality device that sits above your eye.

via TechCrunch

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