Google Giving Out Free Data To Android Buyers In India

North America and Europe aren’t the only major phone markets in the world anymore, with more and more emerging markets are upgrading to faster data networks, and smartphones are there to take advantage of the greater speeds. India is proving to be one such market, and Android doesn’t have much traction in it. Google is looking to change that, and will be partnering the Reliance Communications to bring free data to India’s limited 3G network (they currently only have 13 markets).

1GB for a single month is a part of the package, and while it’s non-recurring, it’s sure to give customers a taste of what it’s like to have the internet at their fingertips. Not a huge offer, but it’s sure to give more potential customers a reason to at least give Android a shot. Should Google offer more incentives like this one? Do you think it could be potentially confusing to customers?

via Android Community; 2Tech

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