Google Nexus Tablet supposedly surfaces

The leaks just keep on coming. If you aren’t a fan of the HTC-branded One Series device rumored to be announced tomorrow, then maybe a peek at what Google’s Nexus tablet could look like will pique your interest. But, let’s be clear: there’s no way to confirm that this is real, by any means. So let’s get that salt shaker ready, shall we?

You’ve heard about the rumored Nexus tablet, probably more than a few times by now. It’s supposedly manufactured by ASUS, and it is rumored to be headed to market for around the price of $199. Specifications aren’t known at this point, which is probably good, because there doesn’t need to be any more fuel to power the rumor mill. Not that this image will help, really, right? But, we figured you might want to see the first purported image of what this Nexus tablet might look like.

If you’re looking at the screen and all those icons, then you’ll probably notice that the Android Market icon is right there, plain as day. Whether that suggests this render is fake is possible, but it could also mean that the render was created a few months back. As we mentioned above, the tablet isn’t official yet, so a render like this could have been developed at any point.

But, there it is. We’ll have to take this bit of information for what it is. What do you think? Would this be something you’d want to buy?

via Pocketnow

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