Google Originally Wanted To Subsidize Data Plans On Android Devices

As the Oracle v. Google patent trial continues in court today, documents shown off by Google hinted at discussions with T-Mobile back in 2006 looking to subsidize Android data plans for $9.99. According to Google’s math, customers would pay just $9.99 a month for unlimited data and to help subsidize the reduced cost, Google would not take any commissions earned from T-Mobile for referring Android buyers to its online store. Google believed that its own services, Gmail, search, and more would only consume about 15MB a month, a ridiculously low figure according to today’s data usage patterns.

As the T-Mobile G1 released as the first Android device, T-Mobile ultimately settled on $25 and $35 dollar data plans leaving Google’s vision to be forgotten, until today.

If this had worked, the data plan landscape as we know could have been far, far different.

The Verge

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