Google Planned For 10 Million Android Tablets Sold In 2011, 33 Percent Marketshare

The Google information train continues from the Google, Oracle trial and this time we’re looking at Google’s expectation for Android tablet marketshare. According to the presentation crafted by Andy Rubin in July 2010, Google expected to sell close to 10 million Android tablets in 2011 and 2012 capturing close to 33% marketshare. Mind you these numbers were drafted even before Motorola had begun shipping the Xoom tablet, still in its codename stages.

Google further expected that Android tablets would contribute up to $110 million in search revenue in 2011 and $220 million 2012, numbers that are a far cry from where Android tablets are today. Android continues to dominate the smartphone market, but tablets are another world entirely.

Speaking at the AsiaD conference for All Things Digital last October, Rubin said there were little more than six million Android tablets in the wild at that time. That being a cumulative number and while it’s certainly gone up especially as Kindle Fire sales continue to rise, sales are still a far cry from where Google had hoped to be.

The Verge

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