Google Play Store And YouTube Receiving 600 New Titles In New Deal, All From MGM

YouTube has long offered movie titles available for rent, and the Google Play store has only had them for a few months as Google attempts to build a strong media distribution system. It’s no secret that the library of titles offered isn’t as expansive as some of the competition, but Google is sure trying to change that. 600 MGM movie titles are currently rolling out to both YouTube and Google Play, adding another movie distributer to the mix.

As tablets become increasingly more popular, competitors like Apple have already proven that the devices need a strong media ecosystem to provide users content on their tablets. Google has been a little slow in rolling out movies to its markets, and MGM is admittedly not the company I get most excited about when talking about movies. What do you think? Is the addition of MGM a good one?

via Phandroid

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