Google’s Latest TV Ads Wants You To Use Chrome To Woo Back Your Ex

If you hate how things ended between you and your ex and you desperately want to make things right and get back together, just use Chrome. Google knows what an ex wants and that’s a Google Doc featured in Chrome highlight all the errr highlights of your past relationship.

Google’s latest TV commercial debuted last night and in the ad, Mark is trying hard to get his ex Jen to go back out with him because he “hates how things ended.” Why they broke up? We never find out. Mark uses a stream of Google Docs spreadsheets, Picasa photos and YouTube videos to make his case.

So does Mark succeed? Does he win back his ex? Watch the 90 second video and find out. Oh, I’ll just spoil it…we don’t find out. Lame! No doubt a cool exercise in Google and Chrome power though.


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