Google’s Long-Rumored Google Drive Launching Next Week?

I know a lot of us live and breathe using our Dropbox accounts, but what are the chances you could be torn away by the promise of a Google based Dropbox service? Enter Google Drive, the long-rumored Dropbox competitor and a host of new rumors on the upcoming service.

TheNextWeb received a draft release from a Google partner regarding Google drive which highlighted new info on how Google plans to take on Dropbox. The short story? Try 5GB’s of storage right out of the box, against the two 2GB’s of storage Dropbox now provides. TNW also says that Google Drive will be free, though you can purchase more than 5GB’s worth of storage.

Google Drive will work “in desktop folders” on both Mac and Windows machines, along with Android and iOS. Expected to launch in the middle of next week, our best guess is a Tuesday or Wednesday announcement. This could get interesting.


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