HTC CEO Says US Market Recovery Will “Be Difficult”

HTC’s flagship devices are about to land on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and with plenty of hype, marketing and interest. Still, HTC CEO Peter Chou isn’t convinced the company will easily regain lost market-share in the United States. HTC may be predicting a 55% jump in revenue for the second quarter of 2012, but that won’t be on the back of sales in the US.

“It’s difficult to recover our market share in the U.S…We will have more balanced growth in different markets this year.” Chou said at an online forum.

To revamp their business strategy, HTC will shift focus from the US to Europe and Asia as it works to increase their presence further in those regions. HTC has yet to show geographical revenue breakdowns, but analysts suggest the US accounts for about 50% of the company’s revenues last year and about 40% of their total smartphone shipments in 2011.

Chou says the company plans “substantial” marketing expenses in the second quarter to continuing strengthening their brand image.

Do you think HTC still has a future in the US?

Wall Street Journal

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