HTC EVO 4G LTE Hitting Sprint Store Shelves On May 18th?

Our friends at the PhoneDog mothership have received some intel on the EVO 4G LTE launch coming to Sprint in the “second quarter.” To be exact, the PhoneDog source is pinpointing May 18th for a possible launch date, the same launch date as the LG Optimus Elite.

Of course this is all rumor right now, but with pre-orders set to kick off on May 7th, it doesn’t seem unlikely that devices could arrive just 11 days later. It’s worth nothing that Sprint typically releases devices on Sunday, though they have launched high-profile devices on Fridays, of which May 18th is one. The EVO 4G and Epic 4G Touch are some notable examples of high-profile Sprint smartphones that saw their launches take place on a Friday.

For now, Sprint fans should pencil in May 18th as a possible launch date, but as always leave it open to change.


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