HTC EVO Design 4G Could Be Headed To Boost Mobile

When we think of prepaid phone carriers, the thought is usually of cheap, low-end phones. For the most part, that’s what we’ve seen from carrier like Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, but phones have slowly become more and more high-end. As it turns out, both Virgin and Boost are owned by Sprint, and use their network. This means that they get a lot of their phones as rebranded models of devices that have already hit the Now Network. This is in no way bad, but there’s usually a delay.

The phones that are selected from Sprint’s lineup to hit the prepaid carriers are usually older, and on the low-end. It makes sense, as the whole point of buying a prepaid phone means that there is no contract. No contract means no subsidy, in return meaning more expensive phones. As Android smartphones get increasingly more popular, the prepaid carriers need to keep up.

HTC’s EVO Design 4G hit Sprint last year, and features mid-range specs. 4G WiMax, a 1.2GHz processor and 4-inch qHD display are all on board. It’s a solid phone to say the least, but it’s growing older as the months pass. That means it’s one the prepaid carrier’s turn to snag the handset, and it will be Boost Mobile this time around.

The handset has been tipped to hit the network by the end of this quarter, and considering the quarter just started, that could be awhile. Either way, the MNVO will now have another, more high-end handset in its lineup. It may also be receiving a special treat, as the rumor also claims that Ice Cream Sandwich will be in tow. The phone originally launched with Android 2.3 running the show, and still does to this day. Looks like Boost will be getting its most high-end handset to date, with 4G at that.

via PocketNow

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