HTC Golf Leaked Press Shot Shows Off Entry Level Android

HTC newest entry-level smartphone running Android 4.0 codenamed HTC “Golf,” thought to launch as the HTC Wildfire C later this year has surfaced courtesy of PocketNow. The Golf rests somewhere below the three members of the HTC One series — although you may notice a few design styles similar to the One series.

The Golf is said to have a 3.5″ 480 x 320 screen, Sense 4.0, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of onboard storage. The internal storage will be aided by two years worth of 25GB’s of Dropbox storage and it’s possible we might see some Beats Audio action going down. As an extra bonus, the Golf will have a front-facing webcam which is somewhat of a surprise given the entry-level price the Golf is said to occupy.

Sounds like a perfect phone for the young-ones.


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